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Wladimir on socket

version in noble bronze

object with handiwork certificate

Fascination Horse

Horses - a Passion

Again in equitation for the topic “horse” has become the focus of my artistic attention.

Horses are meaningful images.

The foreground of my work is not the creation of a lifelike image of a horse – most horses can not be ridden – rather, I want to fascinate the viewer with expressive, abstract, and plastic art.

Individual horses portrayed as individuals, or as the creature horse in its general form; images of motion, gesture, and expression.
Images of bulky, elegant, and powerful asthenic physique.

Portraits, which represent the noble, kingly, and majestic traits of horses. These are meant to remind us that horses have been accompanying humans for hundreds of years and that they deserve our respect, which should be expressed, among others, by dedicating a dignified place in arts to them.

That knowledge gives me confidence to know that what I do has great magnitude and value.