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Kavalier on socket

version in noble bronze
object with handiwork certificate

Bronze Horses

Inspiration Horse - Fascination and Passion

Horses portrayed as Individuals.

Sculptures, which visualize that each horse has its very own character.

The foreground of my work is not the creation of a lifelike image of a horse most horses can not be ridden rather, I want to fascinate the viewer with expressive, abstract, and plastic art.

Portraits of Characters

Baroque Horses
Lipizzan, Tinker, Friesian, Pura Raza Espanola, Lusitanian, Andalusian

Western Horses
Criollo, Pinto, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse

Gaited Horses/Breeds (Walkers) - Icelandic Horses

Arabian, Kabardian

Draft Horses
NNoriker horse, Belgian, Percheron